Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

Our Accountants Professional Liability Insurance program covers Accountants, Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Preparers for services provided in their accounting practices. Our broad definition of Professional Services includes Accounting, Financial Planning, Consulting, Notary Public, Fiduciary, Investment Advisor and Arbitrator/Mediator.

Risk Management Assistance

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Legal Hotline and Pre-Claims Assistance 855-424-2468
No-Cost Quarterly Webinars Earn CPE credits and premium discounts (where applicable)

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Accountants Risk Management

Coverage Implications for the new BOI and CTA

Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Highlights

  • EXPRESS Program - 20% Premium Reduction, $0 (Zero) Deductible Option and Increase in Revenue Eligibility to $1,000,000 Over the Last Three Year Period. TWO-YEAR Policy Option and Convenient Self-Rating Application

  • INCREASED Supplementary Payments – No Deductible Applies**

    • Pre-Claims Assistance Includes All Fees, Costs & Expenses Incurred to Help Mitigate a Potential Claim
    • Defense of Disciplinary Proceedings - $50,000/Policy Period
    • Security Incident Reimbursement - $25,000/Policy Period
    • Reimbursement for Loss of Earnings – to $100/hour
    • Public Relations Crisis Expenses - $30,000/Policy Period
    • Non-Profit Directors & Officers Coverage - $15,000/Policy Period
    • Subpoena Assistance - Response for Legal Fees & Expenses



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