Professional Liability Insurance for Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers

Our Professional Liability Insurance for Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers program covers Accountants, Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Preparers for services provided in their accounting practices. Our broad definition of Professional Services includes Accounting, Financial Planning, Consulting, Notary Public, Fiduciary, Investment Advisor and Arbitrator/Mediator.

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Accountants Risk Management

Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Highlights

  • NEW! Broad Definition of Professional Services Now Includes Services (other than audit & review) Performed for Entities Owned or Controlled by Insured

  • NEW! 5 Ways to Reduce Your Deductible (Largest Applies) **

    • Reduction of Up to 50% for Use of Engagement Letters on Services Other than Audit & Review, $25,000 Maximum/Policy Period
    • Diminishing Deductible for Claims-Free Longevity, $10,000 Maximum/Per Claim
    • Reduction of Up to 50% if Claim is Resolved Through Arbitration or Non-Binding Mediation, $25,000 Maximum/Policy Period
    • Reduction of Up to 50% if Claim is Resolved Within One Year, $25,000 Maximum/Policy Period
    • Reduction of Up to 50% for Pro-Bono Services Provided to Non-Profit Organizations, $25,000 Maximum/Policy Period
  • Initial Claim Expense Limit - Protects Erosion of Policy Limits by Legal Fees
  • Premium Credit for Completion of Qualified Risk Management Programs
  • Unlawful Use, Theft, or Embezzlement of Funds by Insured - $50,000 Per Policy Period
  • Confidential Risk Management Hotline Included with Policy

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