Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

Our Accountants Professional Liability Insurance program covers Accountants, Bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Preparers for services provided in their accounting practices. Our broad definition of Professional Services includes Accounting, Financial Planning, Consulting, Notary Public, Fiduciary, Investment Advisor and Arbitrator/Mediator.

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Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Highlights

  • NEW! Diminishing Deductible for Claims-Free Longevity

  • NEW! Enhanced EXPRESS Program Opportunities for Smaller Firms, Including Two Year Policy Option Locking in the Premium and Reinstating Policy Limits

  • NEW! Public Relations Crisis Expenses - $10,000 Per Crisis/$30,000 Per Policy Period

  • NEW! Initial Claim Expense Limit - Protects Erosion of Policy Limits by Legal Fees

  • Broad Definition of Professional Services Including Investment Advisor, Personal Fiduciary and
    Pro Bono Services

  • Policy Limits Up To $5,000,000, Higher Limits May Be Available

  • Disciplinary Proceedings - $10,000 Per Disciplinary Action/$20,000 Per Policy Period

  • Security Incident Reimbursement - $10,000 Per Incident/$20,000 Per Policy Period

  • Subpoena Assistance - $25,000 Per Policy Period

  • Deductible Reduction of 50% if Claim is Resolved in One Year or Through Arbitration
    or Non-Binding Mediation

  • Premium Credit for Completion of Qualified Risk Management Programs

  • Multiple Deductible Options Including Aggregate Deductible and First Dollar defense

  • Non-Profit Directors and Officers Coverage - $10,000 Per Policy Period

  • Reimbursement of Expenses & Earnings - $500 Per Day/$7,500 Per Claim/$25,000 Per Policy Period

  • Multiple Extended Reporting Period Options Including Free Unlimited Options for Death, Disability and for Individual Qualified Retirees

  • 30 Day Claim Reporting Grace Period

  • Unlawful Use, Theft, or Embezzlement of Funds - $50,000 Per Policy Period

  • Confidential Risk Management Hotline Included with Policy


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